Asset Management

Property Assets

Systematic Process of Developing, Operating, Maintaining and Upgrading

Our asset management is centred on financial matters: maximizing the return on investment and value of property. We are adept at streamlining operations and repositioning a property to reduce costs and increase income.

On top of previously property managing 11,000 beds in the United States, our asset management team has overseen over 3,000 beds that were developed by Campus Suites in Canada and property managed by utilizing deep partner relationships. Suite Life also directly manages or has overseen, through its property management activities, a further 100,000 sq ft of retail operations and almost 20,000 sq ft of commercial space. These retail and commercial projects are / were in Maryland, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg

We understand real estate as an investment. Asset management includes tasks such as:

  • Prepare long term financial forecasts, perform cash flow analysis, and compute internal rate of return in order to determine a property’s financial performance.
  • Perform due diligence for acquisition or disposition of property and provide recommendations.
  • Determine value of a property and what can be done to increase the value.
  • Find and work with lenders.
  • Negotiate on behalf of the owner.
  • Market an asset to increase revenue.

We also focus on:

  • Asset Performance Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Investor Reporting.
  • Management of third-party strategic partners.

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