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We fulfill all our property’s needs. Our comprehensive commercial property management and leasing services include: welcoming new tenants, establishing a relationship with direct contacts, rent collection, upholding lease terms, and tending to maintenance issues.

Commercial & Retail Leasing / Tenant Placement

Commercial leasing involves more than just placing a tenant in a property. Strategically, we evaluate the opportunity and how it fits with the community, the needs of the building and ownership. A few considerations include:

  • Is the commercial tenant financially solvent?
  • Do they have a good leasing record or does this tenant have a strong covenant?
  • Will the tenant be of benefit to our residents and do we have good mix of services to ensure all of our commercial/retail tenants succeed?

We believe that allowing too much of a similar offering tends to cause cannibalization amongst competing tenants. Attracting high-profile/quality tenants is key to lower costs over the long run. Re-tenanting can be one of the highest costs that an owner can face.

Commercial & Retail Property / Facility Management

Commercial property management and facility management involve wearing many different hats. We handle all your real estate needs so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time overseeing your properties. From accessibility to handling repair requests and serving as a contact for emergency service, we provide everything an owner needs for their investment properties.

No matter what kind of commercial & retail real estate investments you have, our asset management services have you covered.

Management of tenant relations:

We handle the collection of monthly rents and credits and create an action plan for the collection of delinquent fees and charges. We also act as a landlord representative and manage effective tenant and lessee communications /relations, including resolving tenant disputes. As full-service property managers, we ensure all lease covenants are followed and handle lease renewals.

We create budgets, and provide fulsome financial reporting, and cash management services, including the payment property taxes and utilities out of the proceeds. Additionally, we handle other tasks associated with the administration of a property, such as maintenance and repairs and other services.

Further, we ensure landlords receive disbursements of their net proceeds from their commercial properties and issue monthly statements. We also do cost controls and determine appropriate levels for occupancy costs and manage audits as requested by a third party.

Physical Maintenance and Management of Vendors:

We analyze the property needs and develop a cost-effective comprehensive plan, including preventative maintenance, and construction when required. We also use all of our experience to utilize the most sustainable options and efficient implementation strategies. In addition, we deal with commissioning agents to ensure that your systems are performing efficiently.

We coordinate regular property maintenance activities and repairs, from snow removal, refuse removal, landscaping, common area cleaning and more. We perform regular inspections of the properties and coordinate environmental studies and engineering reports with respective providers when required. We also coordinate fire safety inspections.

We serve as the responsive point of contact for emergency service and select and supervise vendors as required.

Project Management

Our asset management services further include working with construction companies to ensure all work goes on as planned. Through communication with the landlord and the construction company, we ensure that everyone is on the same page with the planned development. Every asset could use some work from time to time to stay competitive within the rental market. Whether you need to improve accessibility or just bring the building up to date, we will ensure your development project goes smoothly.

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