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Campus Suites has become an expert in a highly specialized niche of designing and developing student housing communities across the United States and Canada. Whether you are developing a student housing community from the ground up or seeking a strategic partner to assist with the site selection process, our team of student housing experts can help you every step of the way. Our ability to help guide builders and manage their teams to produce a project that is both architecturally alluring and that meets the lifestyle and location needs of the target market is unmatched by our competitors.

Through years of experience, we have excelled in the process of developing and managing projects by creating a customizable project implementation plan which can be tailored to each individual project. Whether we are developing a 900-bed student high rise or a 500-bed garden style community, we recognize the importance of detail, design and budget.

Campus Suites – Assist You in Every Part of the Development Process

1. Site Selection & Market Evaluation

In order to understand and fulfill the needs of each community’s individual demographic, our research department conducts extensive research and utilizes focus groups to understand what student housing projects excel in the marketplace and the reasons for their success. By combining this research with our extensive knowledge of demographic characteristics, lifestyle behaviors and the purchase preferences that drive our students decisions, our team is able to provide recommendations to design future student housing projects to meet current market needs.

2. Design

In today’s marketplace, it is critical to immerse students and their parents in an experience that far exceeds the expectations of traditional dorm living. We achieve this by designing vibrant, technologically advanced environments that enhance the senses, evoke a feeling of community and are unique to our students’ lifestyle desires. Our core design philosophy is centered around creating stimulating indoor and outdoor amenity and activity areas where our students feel comfortable and at home.

3. Entitlements

With over 30 years of experience in more than 20 marketplaces across the United States and Canada, our team understands that each municipality is unique. That is why we do our homework prior to presenting our development concept to any city officials. Once presented, a dedicated member from our team works closely with the official throughout the entitlement process to ensure all appropriate permits are obtained.

4. Marketing

No matter the project, we always challenge the traditional marketing landscape to reach our target demographic. We approach every project from an entirely unique perspective, utilizing our strategic partners and lifestyle brands in each marketplace to enhance our community offerings.

Creating the “buzz” in each marketplace is our specialty, both generating and maintaining the “buzz” through the top social media outlets. Our Facebook pages are highly customized to increase variability and facilitate interaction. Our Instagram posts help prospective tenants understand the surrounding community and highlights the exciting features of the new developments, all while students towards property websites. We incorporate everything that the student and their parents could possibly need, all within their environment – Social Media. We develop interactive landing pages, sharable floor plans, video, leasing portals, contests and more.

5. Legal and Financial

We create all leasing documents for legal review. As well, Campus Suites performs financial analysis, due diligence, and pricing evaluation for all properties. We are highly involved in the RFP process, from management to execution.

6. Administrative

Campus Suites is equipped to perform all administrative tasks. We manage and review the draw process, including coordination with quantity surveyors, lenders, and consultants. Campus Suites also looks after the management of the project implementation schedule.

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