Parc Cité

Montreal’s All New Urban Residency

This Is Montreal’s All-New “Urban Art” Student Residency On Park Avenue

Montreal’s buildings and walls are alive with vibrancy and colour, a sensory experience created by the many murals and pieces of street art found in the city’s streets. Walking about Montreal is the only way to feel the energy of the city’s urban art, until now, as Parc Cité brings the magic of Montreal’s murals right into your home.

Parc Cité, located at 3440 Avenue du Parc is an off-campus student residence, has done things a little differently. Rather than just re-purpose an old hotel and change some decorations around, Parc Cité has given a mural-makeover to the entire residency, as local Montreal artists have adorned almost every wall with works of street art.

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