Capre Webinar Rewind

MJW Investments, NKF, Campus Suites, Pierce Education Properties Talk Current Disruption and Silver Lining in Student Housing

On Thursday, April 16, CAPRE convened active executives from MJW Investments, NKF, Campus Suites, Pierce Education Properties to discuss the industry response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The webinar was moderated by CAPRE’s Brian Klebash. Panelists discussed and debated the impact of COVID-19 on leasing/rent rolls/collections, impact of online learning, capital raising and acquisitions/dispositions over 2020.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 challenge, commercial real estate executives are tasked with enormous challenges and opportunities. CAPRE’s Commercial Real Estate Daily webinar brings all aspects of commercial real estate into focus, including analysis of the federal stimulus, outlook for current and future construction, capital raising in unusual times, and the outlook for development/investment over the duration of 2020.

Thursday’s webinar continued the conversation with leading student housing executives.

Discussion Points:
* What were you finding over the 12-18 months prior to COVID-19?
* How has COVID impacted deal flow in terms of acquisitions and dispositions? Are some deals getting done, and why?
* Is COVID boosting any specific segment of the market, i.e. distressed sales/incomplete sales?
* How are debt and equity sources responding in the current environment?
* How are brokers tackling day-to-day in terms of best practices?
* What is the outlook for the remainder of 2020?

Featured Speakers:
* Frederick Pierce, President and CEO, Pierce Education Properties, L.P.
* J. Ryan Lang, Vice Chairman, Newmark Knight Frank
* Henry Morton, President, Campus Suites
* Mark Weinstein, President/Owner, MJW Investments

* Brian Klebash, President & Founder, CAPRE
* Rima Raouda, Director of Research, CAPRE


#1) Moderator Brian Klebash asked the panelists their opinion of the biggest threat to the student housing industry: Pandemic, leasing expectations, online learning, or something else?

#2) Moderator Brian Klebash asked how the pandemic could change future student housing design, and what the industry should know going forward through 2020 in the final thoughts segment

#3) Frederick Pierce, President and CEO, Pierce Education Properties, L.P. offers his discussion points:
* What’s Fred’s perspective on the industry as it relates to higher education?
* Were there headwinds prior to COVID-19?  What were you seeing with enrollment prior to COVID-19?
* Is there a re-calibrating of enrollment expectations going forward in higher education?
* Are there haves and have nots in higher education?
* Now that higher education has essentially shut down, what does this mean for third party student housing industry?
* What are optimistic perspectives going forward?

#4): Henry Morton, President, Campus Suites offers his discussion points:
* How is COVID-19 playing out in Canada?
* Looking at opportunistic opportunities
* Is there a plan to re-open Canada?
* What will international student do going forward? Have many international students left Canada?
* Will there be a dearth of international students?
* How are universities in Canada responding?
* Buying & Selling in a COVID World: What has changed in Canada, what will change in Canada? What will LTVs look like going forward?
* What will value look like going forward?

#5): J. Ryan Lang, Vice Chairman, Newmark Knight Frank offers his discussion points:
* Collections in April
* Collections expectations in next few months
* Pre-Leasing compared to 2019: How are deals pre-leasing?
* Capital Markets: Transactions, what Debt is Available?
* How are deals getting done without travel
* Where do you find deals?
* Fannie & Freddie: GSA’s before and after COVID-19

#6): Mark Weinstein, President/Owner, MJW Investments offers his discussion points:
* Is this a good time to buy?
* Starting a fund in multifamily/buying student housing
* Analysis of collections
* Executing value add deals
* Taking care of what we have & hiring new people
* Involved politically with student housing/multifamily

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