Live Smart: The Quad At York Serves “A Luxury Student Housing Community”

Between exams, essays, and early morning classes, deciding where to live is a stress that university students definitely don’t need.

Searching through sketchy subleases and dingy dorms, many of the available options don’t exactly leap off the page.

And if you’re new to Ontario, or even new to Canada, the task is even more daunting.

This is where the Quad at York comes in.

Whether you’re leaving home for the first time or starting the second year of your PhD, the on-campus residence is an enviable housing option for students at York University and Seneca@York.

A luxury student housing community, the Quad offers spacious, modern rooms, state-of-the-art amenities, and social programming.

With 812 bedrooms across two buildings, Phase 1 has been happily housing students since 2016. Phase 2 of the Quad opened its doors in the fall of 2022, offering an additional 708 beds within its two new buildings. Applications are open for the fall 2023 semester.

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