The Quad Student Residence – Phase II – York University

The Quad Student Residence Project at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Has been in the works for many years.  It began after Campus Suites, along with Forum Asset Management, won an RFP to build a private, on-campus development in 2010.  The contract allowed for the building of up to 3,000 beds, with 1,500 currently being finished in the first two phases.  Collectively, the first four buildings in distinct, black and white composite clad exteriors make a commanding visual at the southern entrance to the University.

“We are finishing the second stage of the first four buildings – C3 and C4 – that are located at the south end of the York University campus,” says Henry Morton, President of Campus Suites.  “Each of the two eight-storey buildings have incorporated an art design, in keeping with Toronto’s StreetARToronto [StART] program.  The first two buildings on campus have artwork etched in the cladding with the use of a CNC machine that takes 1/16 of an inch off the composite panels.  What’s fascinating is where the etching occurs there are beautiful refractions of light on the exposed aluminum that we never anticipated”

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